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Spring 2014
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Online Exclusive

Beloved Faculty

Which CALS professor made an important impact on your life? We asked our Twitter followers and Facebook friends, and they had some wonderful comments to share. “I always thought her lectures were amazing, and she was a very personable professor. I learned so much from the classes I took from her,” one alumna said about Wendy Wolford, Polson Professor of Development Sociology. “The best mentor/professor I ever had,” wrote another about horticulture professor Stephen Reiners. The list of beloved professors was long, but here are some of your favorites. Add your own at


CALS Faculty

From the left:
Stephen Zinder
Peter Trowbridge
Wendy Wolford

Cindy van Es
Todd Walter

Marvin Pritts
Steve Reiners

Pilar Parra
Tom Overton
Roger Trancik

Deb Perosio
George Hudler

Murray McBride
Katherine McComas
Thomas Owens

Dan Krall
Scott Peters
Dawn Schrader

Esther Angert
Eric Nelson
Paula Horrigan

Debbie Cherney
Kathy Berggren
Toni DiTommaso

Mike Walter
Tim Fahey
Jerrie Gavalchin

Wayne Knoblauch