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Spring 2014
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Online Exclusive

Case Studies

As illustrated in our Innovative Instruction feature, teachers at CALS are coming up with creative ways to engage students. Delve in deeper to learn more about how they are flipping traditional practices to deliver unique learning experiences.



Students Study responses to flooding in new course
Associate professor of natural resources Shorna Allred is exploring community resiliency in the face of flooding in a year-long course that spans continents.



Course connects students with Hopi community
A new capstone class in the Department of Development Sociology creates a unique culminating experience with real-world implications.



Student input drives business communication course
When senior lecturer Kathy Berggren ’90, MAT ’93, was designing her new course in management communication, she borrowed a page from her new department and turned to her end users for advice: students.


watching TV

Mews residents muse about TV’s “Sleepy Hollow”
Associate professor of communication Sahara Byrne chose an unconventional venue for one of her classes: her living room.



Engaged learning class enables teaching in the trenches
Lecturer Bryan Duff likes his students to get their hands dirty. Their experiences include teaching in an afterschool program and getting down on the floor with kids to examine dinosaur dung.


Belize Classroom

Students connect Belize classrooms, gardens, communities
Marcia Eames-Sheavly, senior lecturer in the Department of Horticulture, leads annual garden-based learning expeditions to Belize.


Hayes with Sign

Marshall Hayes and Eric Nelson bring role-playing into the science classroom
Plant pathology students are learning about historic scientific events by re-enacting them.


Hayes with Sign

10 Courses with a Twist
“Introductory Oceanography” is Cornell’s most popular class, and for a reason: Earth and atmospheric sciences lecturer Bruce Monger is a charismatic teacher who encourages activism as well as academics.

Conservation website brings real world into classroom
Natural resources professor Jim Lassoie introduces students to current, real-world problems through short, high-quality videos and allows them to work directly with the conservationists in the field via his Conservation Bridge site.

Cornell instructor leads team to revamp national microbiology curriculum
Susan Merkel, a senior lecturer in the Department of Microbiology is helping to shape how science is taught to undergraduates across the United States as part of a national curriculum task force.