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Fall 2012
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Web Exclusives

Highlights from the 2012 BirdCams

Two million viewers worldwide watched the Cornell Lab of Orni­thology’s live BirdCams this spring as a pair of great blue herons raised their family above Sapsucker Woods Pond and as three young red-tailed hawks hatched, grew, and finally fledged from the nest of “Big Red” and “Ezra” on the Cornell campus. With 24/7 streaming and pan­ning cams, viewers caught rare glimpses of nighttime courtship, eggs hatching after a snowstorm, and the inspiring dedication of parents, whether defending the nest from great horned owls or deliv­ering fish, chipmunks, and other fare to young that visibly grew each day.


Revisit some of the memorable moments from the 2012 BirdCams heron cam from the Cornell Lab of Ornithology.




To celebrate the unforgettable 11 weeks of family life that Big Red and Ezra shared with us, we've created a video highlight reel with comments from hawk fans. Thank you to everyone for watching with us this season, and for sharing your enthusiasm, insights, and support!