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Fall 2012
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CALS Notes

New APP Connects Shoals Researchers

With more than 100 students and a dozen faculty working on boats and visiting remote field sites, staying connected at the Shoals Marine Laboratory on Appledore Island is a challenge. A new, specialized smart-phone app is keeping the marine research community connected.

With just a click, students, faculty, and visitors have access to crucial tide tables, boat schedules, and storm forecasts. The first research feature allows users to report the date and location of sightings of banded gulls from the Gulls of Appledore project, which are known to roam as far afield as Florida.

“This is just the start. The next version will offer data collection on the go, including sea water chemistry, or intertidal organism transects,” said Christine Bogdanowicz, a Shoals assistant director. “It will be especially useful for field ornithology studies of nesting sites from year to year because researchers will be able to pin in spatial records and upload photos.”