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Fall 2012
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President's Message

Todd Wolleman

As CALS alumni, we are not only the living legacy of the land grant mission: We are also the guardians of this legacy for current and future students.

The land grant was a pivotal democratic event in U.S. history because it opened the door of higher education to the “industrial classes.” Cornell’s need-blind admissions policy preserves this democratic commitment to educate everyone, not just today’s elite. Support for undergraduate scholarships can bring a life-changing Cornell education within reach of deserving students.

Virtually every alumnus or student I’ve met has shared stories of a special professor who had a positive influence on their life. As Cornell faces a huge turnover in faculty and seeks out tomorrow’s great teachers, crucial support of the college through the CALS Annual Fund will provide College of Agriculture and Life Sciences Dean Kathryn Boor with flexible funds to support faculty start-up costs and other key college programs.

Current students and recent graduates will enter the workforce in a precarious economy. Because of this, we can have a particularly positive impact by offering internships, on-campus interactions, or regional events.

I am proud to be associated with a college that is making the world a better place. From new varieties of rust-resistant wheat, biofuels from plants, and advances in food safety, CALS is at the forefront of solving the world’s most pressing problems.

As I begin my year as president of the CALS Alumni Association, I am thankful for the opportunity to interact with students, faculty, and alumni throughout the country and lead this distinguished group of volunteers. I encourage each of you to become more involved with the college and continue a journey of lifelong learning.

Todd Wolleman ’80
President, CALS Alumni Association