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Fall 2012
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Miki & Radha Agrawal ’01

Miki and Radha Agrawal

Miki and Radha Agrawal are changing the world—one taste bud at a time.

After each receiving B.S. degrees in business and communication, the Agrawals moved to New York City to start their careers. But after working several years in investment banking, television production, and even a stint in professional soccer, the sisters refocused on entrepreneurship and nutrition.

In 2005 they launched SLICE, a Manhattan pizzeria that uses only local and organic ingredients, which has now expanded into wholesale and retail.

At SLICE, Radha’s creative children’s menu successfully encouraged kids to try healthier pizza toppings. After extensive research, Radha built on this success in 2011 by launching Super Sprowtz, an education and entertainment company she describes as “Sesame Street for nutrition and wellness education.”

“My mission is to reconnect children and families to their food in a creative and engaging way,” Radha said. “Until now, there hasn’t been a comprehensive program that speaks to children about nutrition and gives parents and teachers tools to engage their kids around this subject.”

The Super Sprowtz are ten vegetable characters with super powers derived from each vegetable’s nutritive value. For example, Colby Carrot’s beta carotene gives him super sight, while Brian Broccoli is super strong because he contains calcium and vitamin A.

The Super Sprowtz brand now includes DVDs, live shows in schools, a television series, picture books penned by Radha, a permanent exhibit in the Children’s Museum of Manhattan, and a new 200-page educational curriculum for teachers and parents.

The sisters will soon make an even wider impact with Miki’s new book deal to write a girl’s guide to entrepreneurship.

“This book will provide a road-map for entrepreneurship,” Miki said. “Girls and all young people need to know that this is an option, maybe even before they spend a day in the workforce.”