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Fall 2012
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Outstanding Alumni Awards

Alan Kligerman ’52

Alan KligermanAlan E. Kligerman is a leader in developing products that have changed the way people process and enjoy food. Now a seasoned entrepreneur, he began in 1962 with SugarLo Company, which produced and marketed low-sugar frozen desserts and other food products. In 1974, he established the business that evolved into Lactaid Inc., which marketed over-the-counter lactase enzyme tablets and dairy products for people with lactose-intolerance.

In 1991, Kligerman founded AkPharma Inc. to market a new invention: An enzyme supplement (alpha galactosidase) to make beans, legumes, and a wide variety of similar vegetables more digestible, which was commercialized under the brand name Beano®. Today, Kligerman and AkPharma are focused on Prelief7 brand calcium glycerophosphate, a food acid neutralizer that stops discomfort from acidic foods. The company continues to engage in extensive clinical studies, research, and product development on other internal, respiratory, and dermatological uses of calcium glycerophosphate.

Outside of his work at AkPharma, Kligerman has authored numerous articles and has received awards from the Institute of Food Technologists and the Moscow Institute of Food Processing. He has also participated in local, national, and international politics and advocacy groups. He has served on the Calorie Control Council and Cornell’s Advisory Council to the Institute of Food Science, testified before congressional subcommittees on matters involving food regulation and USDA funding, and was appointed by Governor Christine Todd Whitman to the New Jersey-Israel Advisory Commission.

Kligerman’s family has lived in the Atlantic City, N.J., area for more than 100 years and operated a dairy from 1918 to 1964. He currently lives in Pleasantville, N.J., with his wife Peggy Suttle Kligerman and has five children and nine grandchildren.