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Around the Quad

Lindsay Myron’s Lens Gives Wide-Angle View of the World

By Molly Cronin ’11

Lindsay Myron

Photographer Lindsay Myron ’11 is developing a good snapshot of the world. The plant science and natural resources major spent winter recess of her sophomore year in Yunnan, China, where she helped Jim Lassoie and Louise Buck, of the Department of Natural Resources, research agroforestry and ecoagriculture while documenting the experience with photographs.

After studying abroad in Mongolia during the fall of her junior year, Myron returned to Asia last summer to study crop development for her senior thesis. Myron also visited Kenya last May to create a user’s guide on photomonitoring for practitioners in Nairobi and the nearby Rift Valley.

A strong proponent of study abroad experiences, Myron says her studies in Mongolia provided a first substantial experience that she now can use as a point of reference to build upon as she continues to study international agriculture.

While in Ithaca, she works as a photographer for the Cornell Daily Sun; she also has had photos published in The New York Times and Glimpse, an online story-telling forum for travelers interested in film, photography, and journalism.

After graduation, Myron hopes to go abroad again to work in farming before pursuing a graduate degree in international agriculture development.