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The Commitment and Loss of
Ryan Crowder

Ryan Crowder
Ryan Crowder (right) in Pearl Lagoon, Nicaragua

In November 2010, the Cornell community was grieved to learn of the death of one of our dedicated graduate students, Ryan Crowder, MPS ’04, in Managua, Nicaragua.

A grad student in natural resources, Crowder’s work focused on developing sustainable fisheries with communities in Nicaragua.

He cared deeply about international development, particularly for the lobstermen of the Moskito Coast, whose efforts to organize into cooperatives formed the basis of his thesis research.

“Ryan took life in great big bites,” says Professor James Lassoie, of the Department of Natural Resources, who helped oversee Crowder’s graduate studies. “He really was totally charged about committing his life to helping people in less-developed parts of the world.”

“Ryan was a really enthusiastic guy,” said Kayla Jacobs ’13, whom Crowder taught when he was a teaching assistant. “He had a passion for what he did and showed that to everyone around him.”