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Around the Quad

Current Books by CALS Faculty

  • Honeybee Democracy
    Thomas Seeley, professor of neurobiology and behavior, Princeton University Press, 2010.

  • Emerging Markets, Global Financial Crisis, Global Economics
    Eswar Prasad, the Tolani Senior Professor of Trade Policy, Brookings Press, 2010.

  • Democracy and Higher Education: Traditions of Civic Engagement
    Scott Peters, associate professor of education, Michigan State University Press, 2010.

  • Mathematical Programming for Agricultural, Environmental and Resource Economics
    Harry M. Kaiser, the Gellert Family Professor of Applied Economics and Management, John Wiley & Sons Publishers, 2011.

  • Public Garden Management
    Donald Rakow, professor of horticulture and Elizabeth Newman Wilds director of Cornell Plantations, John Wiley & Sons Publishers, 2011.

  • Bird Songs Bible
    edited by Les Beletsky and featuring sound recordings from the Cornell Lab of Ornithology, Chronicle Books, 2010.