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The Hero's Journey


The Hero's Journey

Sometimes the most challenging part of a CALS graduate student's work is just getting there.

Follow several grad students as they brave the rigors of international fieldwork, including remote locations, restless animals and overcoming cultural barriers, to bring research to communities in need.



Hort is hot

Hort is Hot!

The Department of Horticulture is a hotbed of activity using new technologies to address big issues, such as creating new markets, fighting climate change and reducing pollution.



The Farmer and the Dell

The Farmer and the Dell

From tractors that drive themselves to cows becoming social media mavens, technology is cropping up in fields, forests, and farmers markets in the most unexpected ways.



The Farmer and the Dell

Cancer’s Big ‘Cs’

From the Division of Nutritional Sciences to Development Sociology to Food Science, CALS researchers are advancing knowledge on causes, cures, and care of the dreaded disease.


Creative ways to Give
Sheep Blanket
Caption Contest



Web Exclusives

Zip through the trees of Mt. Pleasant’s Hoffman Challenge Course in a video capturing the experience of students in Taryn Bauerle’s Nature of Plants horticulture class.

Bird's Eye View

For many CALS undergraduate and graduate students, the classroom extends far beyond the Cornell campus. Join them on their journey around the world.

Snapshots of the World

Download Got Milk? goodies, including a poster of President David Skorton sporting a milk mustache, and weigh in on who you think should be the next Cornell celebrity featured.

Got Milk

Get the scoop on the best smartphone apps for farmers, scientists and the rest of us. We’ve also gleaned the best pointers about how to leverage social media.

Techie Tools to Go