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FALL 2011
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5 Minute Wine School

Wine is known to please the gustatory and the olfactory senses, but several CALS students working in Viticulture and Enology are proving that learning about wine can be a pleasure for the eyes as well, thanks to some creative video making.

Whitney Beaman ‘11 received finalist recognition in the 2011 Wine Spectator Video Contest for her entry The Gentleman and the Scientist -- an homage to old school silent films which covers some basic wine tasting characteristics.

Mark Nisbet, a Ph.D. candidate in Food Science, is creating digestible winemaking tutorials as part of a CALS Land Grant Fellowship. Nisbet, with the help of Brent Fairbrother, created “Cornell University’s 5 Minute Wine School” to provide an entertaining starting point for people interested in winemaking who lack any formal training.

One of the greatest challenges Nisbet faces is making certain the scripts have enough detail to be educational, but not so much so that a five-minute video feels like a 20-minute chemistry lecture. Another challenge? Harvest. The project lost a little momentum during October thanks to harvest activities, but with harvest complete Nisbet is excited to get back in front of the camera and guide viewers from vine to vintage.

5 Minute Wine School Introduction



Vineyard Sampling
Berry Sampling Tips and Techniques



5 Minute Wine School pH
Demonstration of pH analysis and pH adjustment in wine.



5 Minute Wine School Titratable Acidity
Demonstration of how to conduct titratable acidity measurements on wine