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FALL 2011
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Sod Sofas in 60 Seconds

Video by Craig Cramer

In what’s become a September ritual, students in Marcia Eames-Sheavly’s Art of Horticulture class built a pair of sod sofas in front of the CCC building on the northwest corner of the Ag Quad. They shaped and groomed piles of compost to form the foundations for the sofas, installed the sod, and lounged on their creations. Department of Horticulture turf specialist Frank Rossi provided technical support.

As a very special surprise, Dean Kathryn Boor stopped out to greet the students and test out the east sofa moments after it was completed.

In spring, the compost will be recycled by students in Nina Bassuk and Peter Trowbridge’s Creating the Urban Eden course. They’ll use it to improve the soil around the building before installing a new student-designed landscape.