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FALL 2011
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CALS Notes

Sound Bites

“It’s like Queen Anne’s lace with an attitude,” Charles O’Neill, coordinator of the Cornell Invasive Species Program, tells MSNBC about giant hogweed. “Its sap can make a case of poison ivy seem like a mild itch. Stay clear!”

“I did the calculations and they could carry a Nimbus 2000,” Cornell Lab of Ornithology expert and owl owner Laura Erickson told MSN while analyzing whether real-life Hedwigs could perform the same tasks they are assigned in the fictional Harry Potter books and films. “A message from a wizard would weigh no more than the kind of prey they would normally catch.”

“Birds get lost. It happens all the time,” Kevin McGowan, of the Cornell Lab of Ornithology, told ABC News when questioned about the Antarctic emperor penguin that made a 2,000-mile wrong turn and wound up in New Zealand.

“Greece could sell off its crown jewels by privatizing government assets, but everyone is going to recognize it as a fire sale, so the question is how much money they could raise,” economist Eswar Prasad told NPR in a story about the country’s debt crisis.

“We’re not trying to be cowboys. We are being careful with this. We know we’ve screwed it up big time in the past,” said entomologist Mark Whitmore, commenting in the Erie Times-News on the introduction of wasps to combat the invasive emerald ash borer.