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FALL 2011
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CALS Notes

Exploring Opportunities with Kraft Foods

In late September, representatives from Kraft Foods met with Dean Kathryn Boor and CALS faculty from the Charles H. Dyson School of Applied Economics and Management, the Department of Food Science, and the Department of Animal Science to discuss active research, ongoing collaborations, and possible future partnerships that complement CALS’ role in the New York state dairy industry.

“Because we offer academic breadth and depth in teaching, research, and extension on topics ranging from animal health—through the College of Veterinary Medicine—and management to farm and industry profitability to dairy processing, we are well-positioned to be a comprehensive resource for the dairy industry,” says Boor.

Currently, the Department of Food Science serves as a key resource in processing excellence for Kraft operations. Through this historic relationship, CALS researchers have worked closely with New York state processing plants to ensure companies like Kraft Foods maintain a leading level of performance by consistently improving their processing operations. Kraft also employs CALS alumni in positions throughout New York, as well as nationally and internationally.  

Boor adds, “It’s exciting to think about ways in which our expertise can help to inform Kraft’s strategies and growth. These conversations reminded me of how much our efforts in the academic arena translate to real-world needs and successes.”