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Where in the World is CALS?

Compiled by LaiYee Ho '12

The story of the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences' international engagement began with a successful rice improvement program in Nanjing, China, in the 1920s. CALS faculty members played a crucial role in rebuilding the agricultural campus of the University of the Philippines after it was destroyed in World War II, and helped foster the Green Revolution in Asia in the 1960s and '70s.

Today this great legacy extends to every area of the developing world through research, teaching, and outreach. With such projects as improving crop yields in Kenya, restoring orchards and forests in Afghanistan, discovering the secrets of Amazonian soil, and opening Indian markets with Bt eggplant to the world, CALS faculty and students are on a mission to develop new knowledge and share resources wherever they will have the greatest long-term impact, both for developing and more advanced societies.

Explore a selection of recent CALS research and outreach programs taking place around the globe and discover the many ways that CALS is the "Land Grant College to the World."


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