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Alumni Association President Message

Make the Connection—Join Alumni Career Link

Jim Alves

My fondest memory of Cornell was time spent working as a peer advisor in the CALS Career Development Office. As a student, it provided me the opportunity to earn money through an on-campus job, help others achieve their career goals through resume and cover letter critiques and job interview training, and network with alumni who return to campus to recruit for internships and full-time employment. Now, as an alumnus, I continue to engage in efforts of the CALS Career Development Office through participation in the Alumni Career Link—and so can you.

Students need as much information as possible to make good career decisions, and one of the best ways to learn about a particular career field is to talk with someone already working in that field. The most inspiring advice often comes from the personal experiences of others. The Alumni Career Link, a web-based service available to students and alumni of CALS and administered through the CALS Career Development Office, provides an ideal venue for connecting students and alumni. Its purpose is to assist CALS students and alumni who are exploring career options, seeking job search advice, or researching graduate and professional schools.

Unfortunately, only approximately 600 of the more than 46,000 living alumni are registered in Alumni Career Link, which limits the number of possible connections.

We need your help to make this program thrive. Whether you’re an experienced professional with a wealth of information, or a recent graduate with great tips on applying to graduate and professional school or making a transition into the workplace, you’ll find that assisting your fellow Cornellians can be easy and rewarding through Alumni Career Link.

What are you waiting for? Sign up today to make a difference in the lives of fellow Cornellians:

  1. Simply go to and create a profile.
  2. When prompted for a code number, type in 999999, leave the password blank, and click on Log In. This will allow you to enter and create a profile.
  3. From there, you can tailor your own level of involvement, ranging from a response to telephone or email questions to hosting a summer internship.

A recent survey of Alumni Career Link users revealed that students find alumni words of advice under “Reflections and Advice” particularly helpful and interesting. Feel free to use the section to discuss anything from significant classes to job search and career advice to life in the “real world.”

Supporting students continues to be a strong tradition of the CALS Alumni Association. In addition to Alumni Career Link mentoring, our Lifetime Membership Endowment continues to support deserving student internships, even after the elimination of CALS Alumni Association membership dues. Also, we appreciate the input gained from our four student board members. Finally, we always encourage the board and our fellow alumni to give to the CALS Annual Fund, at any gift level, since a good portion of that fund now helps support scholarships. Join us in the many ways to actively assist today’s students.

Jim Alves ’01
2009–2010 CALS Alumni Association President