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Short Reports

AEM Student Podcasts Offer Career Tips in a Down Economy

By Ted Boscia

With graduating seniors and young alumni facing a bleak job market, CALS professor Deborah Streeter and two students last fall launched a weekly podcast, "10GoodMinutes," to dispense career advice.

Rachel Gordon '08 and Romi Kher, AEM graduate student, helped
launch '10GoodMinutes,' a new weekly podcast.

Rachel Gordon '08 and Romi Kher, AEM graduate student, helped launch '10GoodMinutes,' a new weekly podcast.

"In years past, a student may have had three job offers at graduation," says host Romi Kher, a graduate student in Applied Economics and Management (AEM). "Those days are gone for now. We use the podcast to pull in alumni and appeal to current students to be part of the networking that is so important in thiseconomy."

Kher describes the show as "expert advice on career issues for young professionals." He and producer Rachel Gordon '08 tap Cornell alumni as guests. In one episode, Kher questioned Wendy Spelman '87, a program leader with Kraft Foods, about internships and interviews; another week he talked with Tiffany Norwood, co-founder of Next Generation Broadband, about salary negotiation. The podcasts are archived at and downloadable from iTunes and other channels.

"Romi is a great interviewer," says Streeter, the Bruce F. Failing Sr. Professor of Personal Enterprise in AEM and the creator of eClips——an online collection of 12,000 educational videos and audio reports about business and enterprise. "He has a talent for asking provocative questions and pushing people beyond talking points. He makes listening fun and engaging, not like homework."

Kher and Gordon became entrepreneurs themselves, relying on blogs and social networking sites to attract listeners since the podcast's debut in November 2008. "10GoodMinutes" has attracted more than 200 subscribers, and the podcasts—updated every Monday—have been downloaded about 4,000 times. Episodes have focused on work-life balance, nonprofits, teamwork, resumes, and other issues.

"Many people are in a negative mood right now, given the state of the economy," Streeter says. "We try to put out a positive message, the notion that there are options for people who are entrepreneurial and creative. We hope people will be inspired to take control of their careers and look beyond traditional paths."