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Todd Walter


The Complex World of Water

After a dozen years of cleanup, New York City’s water supply ranks among the best, now the rest of the world needs help. CALS research and extension experts tackle the rising tide of concerns about water safety, quality, and quantity.


Land Grant

CALS Fights for Urban Welfare

From greening urban spaces to spotting city-dwelling birds, CALS takes to the streets of New York’s cities with innovative teaching, research, and extension programs.





Life Sciences

CSI: CALS Detectives Identify Lurking Killers

Bacteria can lurk undetected for years in food-processing plants. CALS food scientists are using advanced sleuthing techniques—including genetic fingerprinting—to develop a low-cost test to trace foodborne illnesses to their source.




Applied Social Sciences

CALS Expands Horizons in NY Communities

To help amplify rural New
Yorkers’ concerns and ensure
good governance and economic
growth, the Community and
Rural Development Institute
unites local officials, citizens,
and business and civic leaders
to work for change.


Creative ways to Give
Good News
Sheep Blanket


CALS News Spring 2009


Web Exclusives

A new wheat plague, called Ug99, threatens to destroy the world's wheat crops, but a group of scientists, led by Cornell researchers, aims to stem the tide.

wheat plague

CALS researchers are at work on the next generation of non-food crop biofuels with the potential to power America's farms, factories, and cars.