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Alumni Association President Message

CALS Alumni Association Marks Centennial Anniversary

Congratulations on being part of the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences Alumni Association's 100th anniversary of service and leadership to Cornell University. During the meeting of our board of directors in November 2008, we reflected on the purpose, mission, and values of our alumni association in relation to the college. Following is a synopsis of our discussions.

Sandra Gardner

Alumni and friends are valued by Cornell University and the college for many reasons. We are all richer and fuller because of the strong ties that Cornell has developed with alumni through the years. The worlds of academia, research, and industry collaborate and make things happen. When students connect with alumni in their chosen vocational fields, they develop the knowledge and skills for early career success. There is no better avenue for positive public relations than alumni. Each alumnus offers a personal perspective on his/her experiences at Cornell, which often helps prospective students determine whether Cornell is a good match for further education. Our alumni provide valuable support through legislative lobbying, grant funding, and private philanthropy.

Alumni also receive many benefits of the Cornell education beyond graduation. The opportunity to network with fellow Cornellians allows us the opportunity to further friendships, enjoy fellowship, and pursue employment opportunities. Continued research and development conducted at the university enables alumni to advance their personal and professional lives through life-long learning opportunities. Cornell University's strong reputation reaps many benefits for alumni.

The CALS Alumni Association is fortunate to have the support of staff from the Office of Alumni Affairs and Development who help our members maintain strong ties with the college. These dedicated individuals support alumni networking and travel throughout the United States, making visits to companies and alumni. They create opportunities for alumni to network with each other and help each of us gain insight into how we can best support Cornell and the college.

On April 18, the Alumni Association will sponsor an on-campus event to celebrate the association's centennial and highlight how the college is "Making a World of Difference" in the areas of renewable energy; climate change; international agriculture; food, economic, and environmental systems; cell and structural biology (new life sciences); science and business; and information sciences. These pursuits have real-world connections that significantly impact our society today and in the future.

The CALS Alumni Association has been flexible and open-minded in its support and advocacy for the college throughout the years. Let's stay active in promoting the vitality of our Alumni Association. Help us continue to make a positive impact on the life of the college.

We thank you for your continued enthusiasm and support. Now more than ever, we need to be here for the college and our CALS students. As alumni, we have the potential to be associated with something greater than ourselves and to impact future generations by strengthening our Cornell connections.

Sandra J. Gardner '84
2008–2009 CALS Alumni Association President